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Petra Schwinn

Petra Schwinn Schmuck

More than anything else, Petra Schwinn’s work reflects her personal bond with nature. High quality rough stones take on the modified forms of flowers, buds, shells and creatures. With her gemstone engravings, Petra Schwinn gives special and unique expression to the beauty of nature. Each hand-crafted engraving is a unique piece, individual and rich in detail.

Esther Ackermann

For Esther Ackermann, the stone is central to her work. She examines the stones before starting to work with them, until she can find right way to treat them. Then she decides how she will process them into jewellery, the worked metal being in essence simply a framework for the stone that makes it wearable. “Creating jewellery is like a journey of discovery that starts with an idea and is amended and adjusted again and again before it is completed. What is important to me in the process,” says Ackermann, “is that the interplay between metal and stone presents a unified image, something that is aesthetically whole.”


“Clear, contemporary design in handcrafted perfection” is how Tanja Friedrichs describes her passion. For over 15 years now she has been producing delicate pieces and highly expressive, bold jewellery. What is special about it is that almost all of her works are in pearl-wire, a decorative material, which is manufactured specially for her collections.

At the INOVA COLLECTION 2022 she is presenting the latest pieces in her ‘MIRROW’ collection, which she introduced in 2021. The collection takes its name from earrings whose form is reminiscent of a hand-held mirror or, surrounded by diamonds, of an illuminated theatrical mirror. Due to the manufacturing process, each earring is a unique piece, recalling the unique nature of reflections.

Andrea Sohne

Gemstone engravings between tradition and modernity. Andrea Sohne’s works are characterised by ornaments, clear images and strong symbols. With traditional craftsmanship and precision, she presents classic gems with new motifs and thus develops her very own formal language.



M.G. Wilshaus is one of the pioneers of the ‘new German wave of coloured gemstones’. With his new ideas and directions, ‘Fritz’, as he is known, has been making a name for himself in the gemstone sector since the 1980s. His artistic interpretations in the field of stone cutting are an inspiration to many current artists. At the INOVA COLLECTION 2022, M.G. Wilshaus presents his latest work.

Monika Jakubec

Monika Jakubec’s jewellery pieces are characterised by a combination of plastics and precious metals. Her synthetic resin rings, for example, consist of a silver frame filled with coloured synthetic resin. Opposition is a conscious stylistic device, bringing together themes such as cold–warmth, plainness–colour, opacity–transparency, lustre–matt effect, heaviness–lightness, reflection–luminescence.

In her forms and shapes, Monika Jakubec makes use of geometry. Cones, balls, cylinders and tubes are altered, combined and then reduced again to the utmost simplicity. Use of colour is also highly varied; it depends on the pigments contained in the plastics and can similarly be deeply contrasting, from matt to lustrous.

“When the wearer makes the piece of jewellery her own, the two of them become a single unit, they complement one another,” says the designer. Summarising her vision, she continues: “The jewellery should become, as it were, a new part of the body.”

Tanja Zessel

Tanja Zessel is a qualified goldsmith and jewellery designer who is always searching for new ideas. Her pieces are inspired by unconventional discoveries. Tanja Zessel designs innovative jewellery – outlandish, mobile, and yet simple at times – and is presenting for the first time at the INOVA COLLECTION 2022.


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